Reagan – Share the Love CHD Awareness {Houma Studio Photographer}

February 18, 2019

Did you know that congenital heart disease affects 1% of babies?  That’s 1 in every 100 newborns that are affected by CHD.  I never realized just how common this disease is until recently and this little lady is one of those reasons.

Reagan’s complete congenital heart block was discovered at 23 weeks gestation.  The doctors informed her parents that antibodies present in her mom’s system had attacked her heart when it was forming, which caused her to have a slow heart beat.  The doctors said that if she made it to birth, she would need a pacemaker in order for her heart to beat properly.  After countless doctors appointments and a lot of medication, Reagan made it to full term.  On the day she was born, there was a team of doctors on hand to make sure she had the best care for the long road ahead of her.  Immediately after birth, she was transported to PICU at Ochsner’s Main Campus in New Orleans.  After a week-long stay and constant monitoring, her family was able to take her home, without undergoing surgery.

At 17 months old, she is now a healthy, happy toddler.  She hasn’t had to have a pacemaker, yet and the doctors continue to monitor her condition with a plan to intervene if she takes a turn for the worse.  It hasn’t happened yet and her parents say they “owe it all to their faith in God and the angels here on earth at Ochsners.”

Just look at this beautiful, lively baby girl!   She is a joy and a blessing to her parents, big sisters and entire family!