9 Day Old Newborn Session – Ivy

June 10, 2020

When I first started my business over 12 years ago, my “studio” was a temporary set-up in the spare room of our Morgan City home.  The room tripled as my daughter’s nursery and my office and I would have to setup my studio anytime a client came over.  Kristi was one of the clients that first came to me all those years ago and I will always remember baby Jack with his big blue eyes – he was one of the first newborns I ever photographed!   So how exciting is it that I was able to meet and photograph his 3rd baby sister, Ivy?!  And not only that, but to photograph Jack holding her <3  What a special feeling it is to see them together – and to also see how much my skills have changed since then!   One of the things I’ve started doing over on my Instagram is to post comparison photos – photos of siblings at the same age or photos of babies as I’ve photographed them over the years – so if this is something that you’d like to see, head over there and give it a follow!  I’ve recently posted one of Jack and Ivy!

9 day old Ivy was so tiny – and so much fun to photograph.  She was very sleepy and easy to work with.  Her big siblings are so proud and excited to have her, especially her big sisters.  Jack just doesn’t want to share his video games, so he’s fine with having another sister!

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