New Orleans Engagement Session – Alexis and Taylor

January 8, 2021

What a fun afternoon I had with Alexis and Taylor at their New Orleans engagements in City Park!  It couldn’t have been a more perfect day – the right temperature, beautiful lighting, not too crowded (City Park on a Sunday afternoon can be pretty brutal sometimes!).  We were easily able to find some locations where they didn’t have an audience watching them pose.   Even the pups, Roscoe and Allie, were awesome when it was their turn in front of the camera!

Lately, City Park has been a favorite location for engagement photos.  I just love how all the trees and Spanish moss photograph in the afternoon sunlight – it’s so beautiful.  City Park has so much to offer and can pretty much accommodate any request you have.   I’ve even had a client put a flat boat in one of the back, more secluded bayous for some engagement photos once (but shhh, I don’t think we were supposed to do that!)

Alexis and Taylor are a fun and super sweet couple.  I met Alexis through my mom because they teach 2nd grade together.  I know she was super nervous about this session, so I’m so happy that everything went smoothly.  Despite not really being into photos, I think even Taylor had a good time!  They were quickly able to relax enough to trust me and just go along with whatever I asked them to do.

Being from New Orleans myself, I always feel so at ease and relaxed when I’m back there and especially working with couples who are also from there.  One of the first questions you ask people when you find out they are from New Orleans is “Where’d you go to school?”  We don’t mean college when we ask this, it’s high school and elementary school we want to know about.  Alexis and Taylor both attended private Catholic schools in New Orleans, so that was another thing we had in common.  Most people from outside of the city would have no clue what it means when I say I went to Blenk (literally just pronounced BLANK) – but these two knew what I was talking about.

I’m so excited to photograph them again for their wedding in November – it’s going to be a great time at a beautiful church and reception venue.  We’ll also be doing bridal portraits sometime this summer and I know it’s going to be a fun afternoon!

Engagement photos at City Park