City Park Senior Session – Jade

January 28, 2021

I often get inquiries for Senior portraits and I always turn them down.  Senior portraits was something I did a lot of when my business first started and I absolutely loved it.  Over the years, however, I’ve narrowed down my specialties and my focus so I now refer them to several friends in the area who do AMAZING senior photography.  Seriously, these girls make me feel like I don’t know the first thing about what I’m doing.   HOWEVER, I will absolutely jump at the chance to photograph family members’ senior portraits.   I have several younger cousins who I’ve watched grow up over the years and it’s so special to me that I can share this fun experience with them.   Our families are scattered all over several states, so while I don’t get to see them very often, connecting with them during their shoot is always lots of fun.

Jade Irene, who is named after my grandmother, is such a sweet and beautiful girl.  She’s kind-hearted and has a smile that just radiates sunlight.  You can’t look at her smiling and not smile – it’s contagious.  We had quite an entourage for her Senior session at City Park.  Her mom, Traci and her boyfriend, my mom, aunt and Hayden as well as Jade’s best friend Jada and her boyfriend Zachary.   Jade and Jade have been inseparable for years, so they wanted a few photos together.  Zachary jumped in the prom dress photos because they missed out on their prom last year due to Covid.   This was the first time Jade was able to wear her prom dress.

It was a beautiful afternoon with some challenging lighting (overcast one second and bright sunlight the next) but Jade was a natural and made my job so easy.  Congratulations Jade, we love you and I hope you enjoy the rest of your Senior year!