Royal Villa Wedding – Megan and Derek

April 21, 2021

After a 2 year journey with these two, Megan and Derek finally had their Royal Villa wedding!

I originally met Megan over 2 years ago, when we met at my home to book her wedding coverage … actually, lets back that up.  I really met Megan for the first time at Kera and Jacob’s wedding in 2016 when she was a bridesmaid.  Then I met her again when she was ready to book her own wedding!   Megan and Derek’s engagement session at Laurel Valley was in July 2019, almost 2 years ago and they were supposed to get married on April 18, 2020.   Well, we all know how those spring 2020 weddings went!

I can’t even imagine the feeling of being just a month or two away from your wedding, a wedding that you’ve been planning for over a year, only to have to cancel/postpone.  It’s got to be devastating for a couple.  And the stress didn’t just stop at that first wedding date.  First, it was pushed to June;  no one thought we’d still be dealing with Covid numbers in June … so then it moved to August.  Again, still dealing with the uncertainty of Covid!  And since I’m just posting their wedding, a year after their original date, you can guess what happened to that August date!

Megan and Derek did decide to move forward with a small church ceremony on their original April 18 date, so last weekend, they were able to renew their vows and celebrate their one-year anniversary with a huge party!   And it was definitely a party!  Receptions always go one of 3 ways for me personally, as a photographer.  The dance floor is either way too crowded, making it extremely difficult to get close to capture great action shots.  Even with a zoom lens, you are dealing with people constantly getting in the way of the shot.  Then there are the receptions where there isn’t too much dancing, so wide shots of the dance floor just look empty or it’s the same people over and over in the photos.   Megan and Derek’s wedding was that sweet spot of just the right amount of people and it was a blast to capture!

I couldn’t be happier that these two very deserving people were finally able to celebrate with all of their family and friends.  And bonus … Megan’s sweet little niece, Riley, was able to be there.  She wouldn’t have been born yet if the wedding had been in April 2020 – so there’s a silver lining for you!  Congratulations Megan and Derek – and happy 1 year anniversary!

The Details:
Prep / Ceremony / Reception:  Royal Villa
Wedding Dress:  The Bridal Corner
Hair and Make-Up:  The Beauty Bar, Chelsea Renee Carpenter
Bridesmaids Dresses:  The Bridal Corner
Florist:  Danny Lebouef
Groom’s Attire:  The Bridal Corner
Cake:  Chez Cake Bakery
DJ:  T&T Mobile Music
Catering:  360 Catering Company
Decorator:  360 Catering Company
Videographer:  Your Day Production
Second Photographer:  Carley Rousse