Baseball One Year Cake Smash – Javis

August 24, 2021

Sorry Aristine and Javis – as much as I’ve loved working with you guys, I love working with your little man even more!   You can read more about this most precious family on some of the other posts I’ve done – their engagements and wedding as well as their maternity and newborn sessions.   But since all of that, they have moved to TEXAS!!   I’m so thrilled for them and this new beginning for their family and it just makes my heart burst that they made sure to include a session with me on their trip home a couple of weeks ago.   I know I can’t expect that they’ll make trips to see me as Javis grows and as they have more kids, but I wouldn’t be mad about it if they did 😉

Just look at Javis’ huge smile and bright eyes … can you believe this baby came to the studio straight from a long car ride and was this happy?  And when he crawled into my lap, it just melted my heart (even though I’m pretty sure he was just going for the camera LOL).  I could squeeze him all day every day!

As for his cake smash, Javis was a little unsure at first, but once he got a taste, he really enjoyed it.   I think, though, he preferred the taste of the decorations.  Check him out chewing on the paper baseball from the top of his cake – he took not one, but several bites of it and his mama had to pull the paper bits from his mouth! LOL

I’m so happy that Javis and his family had a wonderful time visiting family and friends during their weekend here and I hope that I get to see them again soon and in for future siblings!   Hey, I may even make the trip to them if I have to 😉  LOL