At Home Fresh 48 – Harper Kate

February 11, 2022

Oh how I’ve missed photographing fresh, brand new babies!   I’ve stayed really busy with newborns over the last couple of years, but I’ve only photographed one other Fresh 48 since Covid started 2 years ago.  Newborns portraits are fun and I love doing them but when a baby is this new, it’s such a special season of life for the parents.

Harper Kate was just a little over 48 hours old when I arrived at Karlie and Luke’s house to photograph her.  These sessions are not polished and posed like newborn sessions are – they are just real and raw, a small snapshot of what life was like in the first couple of days home with a brand new baby.  Most people won’t remember these days unless they have photos to look back on – sleep deprived and so in love with their new baby.  And it just so sweet to see Karlie and Luke as they soothe and settle their sweet girl.

I’ve known Karlie and her family since I photographed her brother’s wedding years ago.  After celebrating several occasions with them, I’m beginning to feel like part of the family.   They are all so welcoming and kind and I just love that I get to be a part of this new phase!   I’m also really excited that I’ll see Harper in a few days for her newborn session.  It’s amazing how much a baby can change in just one week!

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