Newborn Girl and Big Sisters – Eloise

April 1, 2022

First, her name – Eloise – it’s such a precious name and when you combine it with big sisters’ names, Charlotte and Lucy, the 3 names are just so beautiful and classic!   Mom and dad say that Eloise is the twin of her big sisters and I can see how much all three of them look alike!   Aren’t they all just beautiful?   I love that mom wanted to incorporate the big girls into more than just the one photo of Eloise.  They were both very attentive and interested in what was going on during the session so it was a lot of fun to photograph them too!  Mom also requested the Mardi Gras setup because Eloise was born close to Mardi Gras.   She had also mentioned that she loved decorating for holidays, so I used my brand new bunny bucket for an Easter setup.   I’m so excited to see these 3 little girls again in a year for Eloise’s first birthday session!