At Home Family Session – Brianna, Brett, Lucas and Wineth

May 20, 2022

My heart bursts when I look at these photos, this was such a special session and there’s just no way I can write a post the will encompass what this family has been through.   My knowledge of their experience is limited and from my personal point of view, but I was so very honored to finally meet Brianna and Brett and to have the opportunity to photograph them.

When God lead me to Cross Church 3 years ago and I chose to join a women’s small group, I had no idea how many amazing people it would bring into my life.   One of those people was Jenny.  I remember meeting Jenny for the first time because she was a 2nd grade teacher, just like my mom.   Because she was a teacher, she was only able to participate in the group during the summer.  I didn’t know details because I was a late comer to the group, but we prayed for Jenny’s daughter and her pregnancy.   At the end of that summer, Wineth was born.   Winnie has HLHS, which is a severe congenital heart defect that lead to her having open heart surgery not long after her birth.   I know that there were a number of issues that she battled through over the next several months and the family spent a really long time in Texas where Winnie could get the best care.   At the time, Lucas was just a toddler, so as a small group, we did what we could do support them.   We sent gift cards, care packages and lots of prayers and kept up with what was happening through a Facebook group run by Winnie’s mom, Brianna.   All this time, I had no idea who they were, other than it was Jenny’s grandbaby – the most beautiful, dark-haired baby girl.  We all prayed hard for the day we would see her running around, healthy.

Winnie is now a very rambunctious 2 year old who is full of personality and I have finally had the chance to meet her and her amazing family.   I enjoyed this short but sweet session so much.  Brianna, Brett and Lucas are so sweet and Winnie is just this little ray of sunshine that runs circles around them all.  We photographed them in front of the barn on their property, which they will be moving from soon.   It was bright and cheerful, just like Winnie!   On the way to the session, I even saw a rainbow.  Rainbow’s are a reminder of God’s promise to us and a symbol of the joy and beauty that come after the storm.   Winnie is definitely an energetic reminder of the goodness of God.