Hospital and Home Fresh 48 – Kye

May 23, 2022

Over 2 years … 26 months since I’ve been able to do an actual, in-hospital Fresh 48.    And I’ve missed it SO much!   There’s just something so sweet and special about photographing a baby who is actually less than 48 hours old.   Babies change so much even just in the day or two between birth and when they arrive home.

It was so special to meet Kye so soon after he was born but because his big brother, Kaden, couldn’t come to the hospital to meet him, we shot his Fresh 48 in 2 parts – one in the hospital and one at home, where we could get some family photos and photos of Kaden holding Kye.   Remember when I mentioned in Kimi’s maternity session post that Kaden would be the best big brother?   Just look at the images of him holding his new baby brother – so much love and tenderness!   Scroll to the end to watch Kye’s Fresh 48 video or just click here!   Kye’s newborn photos will also be coming soon!