South Louisiana Bridal Session – Marissa

June 10, 2022

This was one of those sessions where I walked away thinking, “Well, that was fun!”   Marissa, Mrs. Connie and I shared so many laughs on the day of her bridal session and now that Marissa and Sal are married, I can share the images of this beautiful bride!

Marissa’s bridal session was done on an amazing piece of property in Patterson.   This property had everything – tree-lined roads that formed a tunnel of green, tall grassy fields, a bayou on one side, a pond on the other and gorgeous live oaks with tons of moss.   It also had a lot of bugs – especially horseflies!   The horseflies were everywhere but thankfully, they didn’t seem to like Marissa and I.   Poor Mrs. Connie, though, they really liked her – so much that a really huge one followed her into the car and we panicked and jumped back out quickly!   It was definitely a lot of fun with a lot of laughter!