9 Month Milestone Photos – Adam

September 22, 2022

It’s the first day of Fall! I know, I know … for south Louisiana, that doesn’t mean much because we are still dealing with major humidity and record high, 90-degree temperatures. But for everyone out there who loves fall, it means we can transition from iced macchiatos to pumpkin-spiced lattes and from sandals to boots, right? Call me basic, but those are some of my favorite parts of fall … along with decorating for the holidays. From this point all the way to January, our house will be decorated for a holiday. It starts with Halloween, transitions to Thanksgiving then moves on to Christmas!

Enough about Louisiana’s “fake fall,” let’s talk about Adam’s 9-month session! Adam’s mama knows that I have lots of outfits here in the studio, so she usually just shows up and lets me do my thing. Adam is the perfect little model for some of the newer outfits I’ve purchased for my client closet! He’s always been such a sweet and happy little model, but as babies grow and start becoming mobile, they become less interested in posing for photos. As you can see in his photos, often the best way to counter this is to put them in a chair that is higher up, so it takes more effort to climb out of, or I just have to stick them inside something to contain them – which they often try to crawl out of. But my tactics worked well enough to get some precious images of this adorable boy!  I can’t believe we only have one session left and that he will be a year old in just a few short months!