Pumpkin Milk Bath Milestone Session – Beckham

September 29, 2022

Confession time – some days, if my dog wasn’t constantly scratching at the back door, I would hardly get a single step in and when you add my “eats like a 5-year-old without parents” diet, there are definitely seasons of my life when I’m pretty unhealthy.   (Did you see my recent Instagram story with the pile of candy I bought while out running errands?)    It’s a problem and I need some accountability – who wants to partner with me?   My plan for a few weeks now has been to start walking regularly but I’ve been waiting until the weather gets a little cooler.   Does anyone else push off starting a diet or exercise routine to Monday, no matter what day you decide to start?

Thankfully, I do have days where I get plenty of fresh air and sunshine like when we did Beckham’s 8-month session outside.   These were done fairly early in the morning on our property and I’m obsessed with how they turned out!    I just love the soft lighting and how you can see the dew still glistening on the grass around him.   And he was just an absolute joy to photograph – he loved every second of his session – despite being trapped in baskets in the middle of tall grass!   (There were a few moments where he looked around like, “What the heck is going on here?!”   Mom also wanted to do the pumpkin / fall themed bath photos, which Beckham also loved!   What baby wouldn’t love taking a warm bath outside in the sunshine??

Looking forward to seeing this sweet boy in another few months for his one-year session!