9 Month Old Milestone Session – Cooper

November 10, 2022

Admittedly, this post may not be for everyone – at one time, it wouldn’t have been for me and I would have skimmed right over it to the photos of the adorable 9-month-old below.   But if it is for you, I hope that I can inspire you to try something new or to maybe dig a little deeper.  In the last couple of months, I’ve finally gotten a consistent Bible study routine.  I wake up around 6 am, fix my iced coffee or occasionally a hot cup, depending on how I feel, and I sit down at the kitchen table with my iPad and a couple of devotionals.   I’ve discovered digital journaling and planning using GoodNotes and I absolutely love it.  I’ve downloaded some digital Bible studies and I have a couple of digital commentaries and study Bibles.  For about an hour, I sit at the table and read, highlight, and take notes while the dogs run around the backyard.  Sometimes, I’ll go outside for a few minutes and work out there, depending on the weather.  When it comes to Bible Study, I truly like to study it, just like I’m back in school.   At this time of my life, I’m just really enjoying the more academic side of reading scripture.   I also spend time in my prayer journal, journaling about what I’ve just read and writing down my prayers.  Here are some of the resources I’ve enjoyed lately, in case you are looking for something new:

  1. GoodNotes iPad App – I LOVE this app … I can import my Bible studies straight into this app and do all the highlighting and note-taking right there on the pages.  I’ve even downloaded a digital Bible into GoodNotes.   This is where my planner is as well, where I keep track of my monthly, weekly, and daily schedule.  It took some time to get used to writing on my iPad, but I’ve also listed a few things that I’ve purchased to help with that.   I also have different notebooks in GoodNotes for my work-related things as well as recipe and menu planner, vacation planning, etc.  I do almost everything in GoodNotes now!   I purchased my digital planner as well as tons of digital planning stickers on Etsy.
  2. Kailfee Stylus Pen – There wasn’t any way I was dropping $100+ on an Apple pencil when I know how easily I’d lose it.  My daughter has one that I used and loved, so I was worried I wouldn’t like a cheaper version but this stylus pen works just as well as the Apple pencil.  I bought 2 of them in case I lose one (which I already have).  It connects by Bluetooth and writes very smoothly.   I’ve had no issues with it at all!  I also have a couple of these rubber iPencil grips.
  3. Paperfeel Screen Protector – a game changer – seriously.  This screen protector feels just like paper and makes writing on my iPad so much easier!
  4. She Reads Truth Digital Study Books – even if you don’t have an iPad or use it for Bible study, I highly recommend She Reads Truth.   Their study books are beautiful and I love that I can purchase digital versions of them.  I just finished Acts and Hebrews and just started Prayers in Scripture this morning.  I can’t wait to do their Advent study this year!
  5. How to Faith a Life – This Youtube channel has really inspired me to study, journal, take notes, highlight and really just dig deeper into my Bible studies.   I recently purchased her Bible Study Bootcamp class that I’m slowly working through.
  6. Enduring Word Commentary App – this is a free Bible commentary app that takes you through Scripture line by line, sometimes word by word.  There are also videos and podcast commentaries.  There is an online version and an app.
  7. Tony Evans Bible Commentary – I recently switched from Enduring Word to try out this one and I really like it so far!
  8. NLT Chronological Life Application Study Bible – I purchased this Bible years ago to help simplify Scripture for myself and it’s been a staple ever since.  The NLT is easier to read and the life applications are simple and relevant.  I have the Kindle version, which I love b/c you can just click back and forth between the scripture and the commentary.

So these are the tools that I’ve been using daily.  In addition to these, I’ve got 2 devotionals that I will read if I feel like I just need some additional encouragement.

  • Be Still and Be Blessed:  365 Devotions for Mothers – I picked this up from Sams a couple of months ago.  I don’t read it every day, but the days I do pick it up, it usually speaks exactly to whatever situation I’m struggling with that day
  • 100 Days to Brave – this was given to us at our women’s retreat a few weeks ago and even though I didn’t think I needed to learn how to be brave, I’ve come to realize that it’s exactly what I need right now and I look forward to reading it each morning!

And if you are just here for the cute baby photos, then check out that most handsome little guy, Cooper, for his 9-month session.  You would never know that he started out this session by taking a little tumble and bumping his head.   After some snuggles with his mama, he perked right up and just smiled and giggled his way through his session.  As always, I loved getting to spend some time with him and his mama, Allie.  I can’t believe we only have one session left of his Grow with Me year!