Nottoway Bridal Portraits – Cassidy

November 21, 2022


Yep, more than Hallmark or Elf, it’s the holiday baking shows that really get me in the Christmas spirit!   After a long, exhausting double-wedding weekend, there was no better way to spend my Sunday than to watch holiday baking shows all day long.   They are also the perfect background entertainment while editing the two absolutely stunning weddings I shot this weekend!

Speaking of the weddings I photographed this weekend, I’m so excited to share these gorgeous bridal portraits of Cassidy!  Usually, I have to hold on to bridals for at least a month or two before I can share them, but not this time! Cassidy and Brandon were married this past Friday night and we took her bridal portraits just 5 days before her wedding.   They are currently living in South Carolina and Cassidy wasn’t able to make it down to do bridals before the week of the wedding.   So Monday afternoon, we headed to Nottoway with Cassidy’s tribe on a gorgeous, but chilly afternoon and took some absolutely stunning photos.  Cassidy was a beautiful bride and we all laughed a lot all afternoon!  It was the same way for the wedding day, I just love Cassidy and her family so much – they are a lot of fun to be around!   I can’t wait to share the photos from their wedding day!