Thanksgiving 2022

November 25, 2022

This year for Thanksgiving, our family split up a bit.  Em and I went to Mississippi with my family while Hayden and Wade went to Metairie with Wade’s family.  My uncle and his wife, Brandy had an amazing spread set out for everyone, there was so much food!  Everything from all the typical Thanksgiving dishes (fried turkey, ham, dressing, stuffing, casserole) to Cajun-specific dishes like corn maque choux.  Everything was so good and it was nice getting together with some of the family.

We have a pretty large family on my mom’s side.   My mom has 5 sisters and one brother, she’s the middle of 7.  From there stems lots of grandchildren and even more great-grandchildren.  My sister brought her camera, so we were able to get group photos with my grandma.  We definitely missed everyone who wasn’t able to be there, though!

This is my aunt Sandra, owner of the travel agency that I work for.   If you have any travel needs – all-inclusive, Disney, cruises – we can help you out with that!

My Uncle Eric with his wife Brandy (she doesn’t want us to call her “aunt” LOL)   – our hosts – thank you both so much for a wonderful Thanksgiving get-together!

Before we sat down to eat, we took some group photos with my mawmaw.   This is 6 of the 7 children.

My parents with my mawmaw

We had to hand the camera off to one of my aunts and unfortunately, this was the best we got of the cousins … 5 out of 10 cousins

And here are 12 out of 25 grandchildren (if I counted correctly)

Our family minus the son-in-laws and Hayden – also the best we got.

Just a little bit of the TONS of food we had!  My favorites are artichoke casserole, rice dressing, and cranberry sauce.   With Wade’s family, we always have a dish called “sudasetas.”  No one else that I’ve ever talked to has heard of them, so I’m not sure if it’s just something his Italian family does, but they are absolutely everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving dish.   Traditionally, his grandmother (and now his aunt) make them with veal but Wade makes them with filet mignon.  The meat is pounded super thin and filled with stuffing, rolled up and baked with more stuffing and olive oil on top.  It is absolutely to die for.  Wade made Em and I some that are currently in the oven baking and I can’t wait to eat them for lunch today!

Little bit of line dancing after lunch …

And how we all felt after eating.

What are some of your family Thanksgiving traditions?   Do you have traditional food that you have every year?

I hope everyone had a great day yesterday!