Winter wedding at The Balcony Ballroom – Katelyn and Jack

December 20, 2022

Some wedding days are hectic, things run a little late, everyone feels a little stressed and on edge … and then there are wedding days like Katelyn and Jack’s.   When I arrived at the hotel, Katelyn and her girls were all finished with hair and make-up and everyone was calm and happy.   They were snacking, drinking champagne, and just relaxing – waiting for their cue to get dressed.  There was time to just talk, hang out and enjoy the moments leading up to the ceremony.   These are the best kinds of wedding days!

Katelyn and Jack’s winter wedding was held at The Balcony in Metairie.   This is an amazing place to have a wedding – everything is in one place and it’s run like a well-oiled machine.   This was one of the main reasons they chose this location – Katelyn loved the “all in one location” aspect of it.  Mike is there to keep everyone in line and on time – ensuring the day goes smoothly and really is the best!

First, I want to take a moment to recognize how special not only Katelyn and Jack are, but their families.   There is just a love and closeness there that can be felt and they accepted Amanda and I into that dynamic for the night.  Maria and Calvin, Katelyn’s parents, are just the kindest people and you can just see and feel the love they have for their girls, Madison and Katelyn.   Jack has been a part of that for a while now, but they were all so thrilled to officially have him become a part of their family.  These two were just surrounded by so much love and support all night.

The other thing I’d like to mention about their wedding is the special little subtle touches they added to represent who they are as a couple – their cake topper (“I love you – I know”) and the song they walked back down the aisle to after they were married (ya’ll don’t hate me, I’m not positive what the song was but I know it was from Star Wars LOL).    I loved how these were so subtle that they could almost be missed but still incorporated some personality into their wedding.

And then there is the love between Katelyn and Jack.  At the hotel, while getting ready, Katelyn mentioned that she told Jack that “he’d better cry” when he saw her.   Jack didn’t disappoint.   The look on his face the moment Katelyn started to descend the stairs was one of pure love – and yes, there were tears.  I noticed that Jack is just always aware of Katelyn, making sure she’s comfortable and taken care of.

After their ceremony, there was a beautiful first dance up on the balcony, an introduction and then the party began.  There was lots of dancing, some amazing food and after a final dance to “Time of my Life,” Katelyn and Jack excited through a cloud of bubbles, off to their honeymoon and their new life together!

It was the perfect wedding to tie up our 2022 wedding season – it’s been an amazing year – one of the best yet!    We can’t wait to start celebrating with our 2023 #heylcouples !!   Merry Christmas everyone!


Prep:  Country Inn & Suites (Metairie) and Fairfield Inn & Suites (Metairie)
Ceremony / Reception:   The Balcony Ballroom, Metairie
Wedding Dress:  Chez Lili
Hair and Make-Up:  Doll House Hair and Beauty Salon
Bridesmaids Dresses:  Azazie
Florist:  Beth’s Flowers
Invitations:  Zazzle
Groom’s Attire:  Men’s Wearhouse
Cakes:  Marguerite’s Cakes
DJ / Catering / Decor:  The Balcony
Videogrpher:  Dauphin Media
Coordinator:  Madison Milton
2nd Photographer:  Amanda Broussard