Avery Island Engagement Session – Josie and Noah

January 31, 2023

Josie and Noah – pure joy and sunshine from the moment I met them!  I was so excited to see them again for their engagement session at Avery Island just a few days after Christmas.  I was surprised at how beautiful the island was since it was just days after the freezing weather we had and there was a lot more green than I expected to see.

These two had been friends for a while before dating and then getting engaged in July.   You can tell that they have a solid base of friendship they have built their relationship on as well as a mutual love of coffee 😉  They are kind and loving towards each other, tender and caring.  We had such a great time walking and driving through the island, chatting about anything and everything.   They are currently living in two different cities so I’m sure they are more than excited to be married in May and to finally be in the same place!

The day of their engagement session was also Josie’s birthday – so Happy Birthday, Josie!

I cannot wait to celebrate their wedding day with them in just a few short months – I’m so excited for spring wedding season!!