Wedding Wednesday – Honeymoon Packing Essentials

February 15, 2023

It’s Wednesday and I know that means it’s time for a wedding post but I’m just not feeling up to writing a long and lengthy post today.   So today is more of a “Honeymoon Helper” post.

As you may know, my husband and I recently returned from a trip to Sandals in Jamaica.  We first traveled to Sandals in 2007 for our honeymoon.  It was our first trip to an all-inclusive resort and our first trip to Jamaica.  We absolutely fell in love with Jamaica – the landscape, the people. the beaches – it’s quickly become our favorite place to travel.   I will have a future Wedding Wednesday post all about Sandals and the different locations we have been to.   We’ve been to all 8 resorts in Jamaica, including Beaches with our kids and each one has pros and cons so it’s important to know what you want and do your research!  Another option is to use a travel agent.   I’m a travel agent that specializes in all-inclusive resorts, specifically Sandals.  I can research and book other brands as well, but I am most knowledgeable about Sandals.  Our agency also has a cruise specialist, if that’s more what you are looking for.  If you are unfamiliar with how travel agents/travel planners work, there is no additional charge to you for using one.   The agent will research and book your trip, monitor for specials and promotions, and help with any issues that may come up before or during the trip.  You do not pay any extra to the agent.  The price you pay would be the same as if you booked on your own but you get the peace of mind of knowing that the agent can help you if anything goes wrong.  The agents are paid a commission by the company they are booking but this doesn’t make the cost more expensive for you.  If you would like help planning your honeymoon, you can email me 

When planning for this trip and for our past trips, there are a few things that I purchased that I want to share today because I feel they would be helpful or help enhance your honeymoon experience!

  1. Packing cubes – The more, the better!   I’m an over-packer and I won’t ever stop.  In rare times that I try to pack only what I need, I wind up not having enough or wish I had something that I didn’t pack.  I also unpack my suitcase and put my clothes in the hotel dressers as soon as I arrive.  I HATE living out of a suitcase.  This time around, I used several packing cubes and it made everything so much easier.   Not only was my suitcase packed neatly, but I was able to fit more into it and it made unpacking at the hotel that much easier as well.  I bought a set from Shein but there are several options on Amazon as well, if you need them sooner.  (Shein can take a week or longer to arrive).   The set I had was enough to pack all of my clothes and I also had a couple of smaller ones that I used for sunglasses and jewelry.
  2. Viral TikTok Duffel Bag – I saw this on TikTok and had to purchase it.  Having the ability to put my hanging clothes into this bag and then zip it into a duffel was a game changer.   Not only did it help keep my clothes flat, but it took some of the weight out of my checked baggage.   We flew Spirit this time around and the weight limit on the checked bags is lower than most other airlines, so this helped keep my bag under 40 pounds (although the duffel was heavy to carry around the airport)   The other perk is that if you don’t pack it full, it does fit on the floor under the seat, so it was considered a “personal item” on Spirit.  If you want something smaller that actually does fit within Spirit’s personal item guidelines, our whole family each has one of these.
  3. Luggage scale – a must-have – no more anxiety about overweight suitcases!  It’s small, compact, and easy to travel with.
  4. 3-in-1 charger – we have a lot of devices which equals a lot of chargers/cords.  If you have an iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods, a 3-in-1 charger is perfect for traveling.   Just make sure you purchase one that works for your devices.   I initially bought this one and love how small it folds up and it comes in it’s own travel case, but it’s for wireless charging AirPods, which mine aren’t.  I returned it and bought this one instead.   There’s a charger for your AirPods, a popup charger for your watch, and a wireless charging pad for your phone.  Super convenient!
  5. Travel Blanket / Pillow – this was something I thought would be a silly purchase but I wound up being so happy that I had it!   Wade and I shared the blanket on our first flight, which was really cold.   I used it as a pillow more than once on the flight and in the airport.   I like to sleep either snuggling a blanket or with it over my face, so I used it every night n the hotel as well.  The blanket and cover are extremely soft, it has an opening to slide over your suitcase handle or you can clip it to a bag.
  6. Liquid IV – I don’t know about you, but I never drink as much water on vacation as I do at home.  There also tends to be a little bit of alcohol at all-inclusive resorts, so this stuff saved me!  I would drink it throughout the day on the beach as well as before bed and right when I woke up.   I never felt dehydrated despite not drinking nearly as much water as I should have been!
  7. Lighted Selfie Stick Stand – okay, stick with me on this one!   The resorts have photographers and you can always ask another guest to take a photo with your phone, but Wade and I NEVER do these things.  I knew that I wanted more photos of us together, so I bought this lighted phone stand.  I am SO happy that I did, I loved this thing!!  It folds up fairly small and extends into a fairly tall tripod (it’s actually a quadpod with 4 legs and pretty sturdy), can be used as a selfie stick but best of all, it has a built-in light and Bluetooth remote.   And the light has various colors and brightnesses.  I really, really loved this thing!!  We would set it up on our balcony before dinner and capture photos of us dressed up before heading out for the night 🙂
  8. Portable Fan – this thing is small, light, and folds up fairly flat so it’s easy to travel with but the best part is that it blows pretty well and makes just enough white noise to help you sleep better in hotel rooms.  The cord is USB so you will need to bring a charger box, but we loved having this.

And here are just a few other things to think about packing:

  • Cup/straws – at Sandals, they use paper straws (yuck), and the cups the drinks come in are fairly small.  We always bring our own reusable straws and tumblers.  The bartenders have no problem making your drinks in your own cups.  (fewer glasses for them to pick up around the beach and wash!)
  • Extra sunglasses – this is something you don’t want to have to purchase on vacation, it will be way more expensive
  • Sunscreen – bring more than you need, again, you don’t want to buy this on vacation
  • First Aid Kit – bandaids and simple first aid items like anti-itch cream.  Also, bring any medicine you may think you might possibly need.  I personally bring Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Aleve plus medicine for sinus, allergy, stomachaches, etc.  On this last trip, Wade and I both needed sinus medicine and I was so glad we had it with us!  And don’t forget your prescriptions!
  • Light sweater or jacket – restaurants, planes, and airports can all be chilly.   Jamaica was actually a little chilly at night in January!
  • Cash for tips – Sandals doesn’t allow tipping but baggage handlers at the airport, bus drivers, etc. will need to be tipped
  • Pen – keep this in your carryon, you’ll need it to fill out custom/immigration forms
  • Beach bag – just something small to carry your sunscreen, earbuds, sunglasses, etc.

Can you think of any other travel essentials that would be helpful for a honeymoon?   Comment below if you have other tips or tricks!