Galatea Parade in Morgan City

February 23, 2023

Another Galatea parade has come and gone and it was another perfect parade day!  If you missed the blog post on their tableau and ball, head over there to see the whole court and their costumes in detail!  Here is a breakdown of what they represented:

Queen Galatea LIV – Marie Leveau
King Galatea LIV – Le Feu Follett
Maid and Duke #1 – Alligator Annie & The Rougarou
Maid and Duke #2 – The Supreme & Compte de St. Germaine
Maid and Duke #3 – Marie Jolie & Sir Peacock
Maid and Duke #3 – Chloe & The Myrtles

I love the theme they chose this year, I think it’s so unique and so much fun!  I think now that I know how it all works, one of my favorite parts of working with Galatea each year will be the unveiling of their theme as well as the court reveals!

Back to the parade!   Parade day starts with the arrival of the Queen and the Captain as well as the King and his dukes.  Shortly after their arrival, the floats are loaded and everyone moves over 2nd street where the parade begins and the excitement begins to build.  The floats are lined up, the riders are all on board, and the bands are warming up, playing loudly all around – there’s a buzz in the air as everyone eagerly awaits the captain’s whistle that signals the start of the parade!

While waiting for the parade to roll, I captured the Queen, Ms. Suzanne Bergeron, as she walked all over to check out the bands, pose with her Barbie Girls (her float group), and interact with bystanders as well as her pages.   I think my favorite moment was when she showed the kids how to use her goblet as a mirror to reapply her lipstick LOL   The kids just watched in awe, it was so cute (scroll down for that photo)

This year, the parade consisted of the Parade Lieutenant, Captain, and Queen floats followed by the Board of Directors and 11 other floats.  In between the floats, 8 bands broke up the procession.  The King and the Dukes all hang out in the review stand, toasting to the Lieutenant, Captain, and Queen as they pass.  Each band also pauses in front of the review stand to play for them.   This is also where I stand and let me tell you, it’s a GREAT TIME!  Everyone is just so excited and as each float passes, they bombard the men with beads – I may have gotten hit in the head a couple of times! LOL

Following the Krewe of Galatea is the Krewe of Nike, a children’s parade and there were some familiar faces on the floats!   This year, the Krewe of Hannibal also followed Galatea, bringing up the rear of the whole procession.

Thank you again to everyone involved in Galatea – it was another wonderful season of photographing this amazing Krewe and I can’t wait until next year!   I hope you all enjoy the next year of festivities and I’ll see you for Galatea LV in 2024!