7 Week Old Baby Boy – Henry

June 10, 2020

Oh sweet baby Henry, how I loved meeting and photographing you!!  Henry was what I guess some people would call a “corona baby.”  He was born right in the middle of all the mess and the originally scheduled newborn session was pushed back several weeks.  So by the time I got to meet this little guy, he was 7 weeks old.   But that gorgeous stare and precious little tongue – I wouldn’t have gotten that from a sleepy little newborn!  Henry was so content to lay wherever I put him and to stare at my light.   Due to me trying to space out clients and have time to clean and sanitize in between sessions, Henry’s session was an in-home shoot.  This isn’t something I do often anymore due to the amount of equipment and props I have to drag along with me but for this little guy, it was worth it!  Just look at all those expressions!   We could tell he was getting sleepy about halfway through, so mom put him in his swing until he fell asleep and this got us about 5 minutes of sleepy shots before he woke up again.  And despite being woken up out of his sleep, he continued to be happy and even gave us some little grins!  So for anyone who has been told that their baby is too old for newborn photos, don’t believe them.  You may not get the same posing as a 1-2 week old baby, but it’s definitely worth the time and effort to photograph a baby at this age!

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