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Admittedly, this post may not be for everyone – at one time, it wouldn’t have been for me and I would have skimmed right over it to the photos of the adorable 9-month-old below.   But if it is for you, I hope that I can inspire you to try something new or to maybe dig […]

November 10, 2022

I absolutely love decorating for Christmas, really all of the fall/winter holidays.  I feel like it just makes the house feel so cozy.   So even though I love doing it, I will NOT be putting up my tree until after Thanksgiving!   It’s usually more into the first week of December, especially since now that the […]

November 3, 2022

When I was first learning the ropes of photography, I have to admit it wasn’t pretty. I made tons of mistakes, like the time I didn’t keep backups of sessions OR weddings and the hard drive I kept everything on fell over and broke.  Thankfully, I was able to have everything recovered, but I definitely […]

October 13, 2022

Rain in October … why does it seem so out of the ordinary?  I know it’s not completely unheard of, we’ve even had hurricanes in October in recent years.   But after some beautiful, cooler days, it just feels like a giant setback to the hot, humid, rainy days of summer.  At least there’s another cool […]

October 12, 2022

Do you have any favorite scents or do you change the scents around your house for the seasons?   My all-time favorite scents are lavender and vanilla – I use these pretty much year-round whether it’s lotion, shampoo, soap, or candles.   But when fall rolls around, I absolutely love for my house to smell like cinnamon, […]

September 27, 2022

It’s the first day of Fall! I know, I know … for south Louisiana, that doesn’t mean much because we are still dealing with major humidity and record high, 90-degree temperatures. But for everyone out there who loves fall, it means we can transition from iced macchiatos to pumpkin-spiced lattes and from sandals to boots, […]

September 22, 2022

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