Thibodaux Engagement Pictures – Kimi and Ben

June 11, 2020

Photographing couples in new places that I’ve never been before is so exciting to me, especially if it’s a place that is meaningful to a couple.  When a couple is looking for a rustic engagement session location in Thibodaux, my first thought is Laurel  Valley.  Laurel Valley is a really popular location for engagement sessions, and it’s obvious why – I’ve done many sessions there over the years of many types – so when Kimi mentioned that she’d like to go there, I was fine with that.   She also wanted me to meet them at their home and do some photos there before heading to Laurel Valley, which I was also okay with.  When I arrived, she had already chosen a couple of spots that were meaningful to her, including in front of the barn where she and Ben met for the first time when they had a “sort of blind date” 4 years ago.  As we started walking and I start looking around, I see old rusty trucks, beautiful trees and fields, a huge old barn, and many other places that are very similar to Laurel Valley – but even prettier!  I mentioned to them that their property was beautiful and even better than Laurel Valley and they started telling me about some other locations around that we could use.   Why even go over to Laurel Valley when we could stay right here at their home??   It turned out to be one beautiful location after the next and after an off-road truck ride through some woods, we wound up at a gorgeous, tree-lined field that they call Lovers Lane which was just perfect, especially during golden hour.

Not only did I enjoy their session because of the perfect location and fun off-roading, but their son Kaden is just adorable.  He is so full of energy and really loved taking photos as well as helping me find locations that he thought would work.  I’m so excited to work with this little family over the next several months and on their wedding day this fall!