Rustic Cake Smash Session – Joey

June 13, 2020

Precious, precious Joey … he was so unsure of things when they got to the studio!  Even sitting with big sister didn’t help him feel more comfortable and his little pouty face that always lead to the tears just broke my heart!  But, he sure did like my chairs and as soon as he could sit in them, he began to warm up.   There’s just something about that clear chair I have – one of my little clients called it a bubble chair, so that’s what I call it now – it almost always makes babies happy!  I didn’t have that chair yet when I photographed big sister, Abigail, who was also very unsure of her one year session!  We even tried bringing her outside!

Don’t you just love the little outfit Joey has on in the first couple of images?   That was his daddy’s outfit!  Mama requested more rustic backgrounds and something simple for his cake smash, so that’s what we did – I say it every time, they are always my favorites!  Joey was so funny for his cake smash.  He wasn’t a fan of putting his hands in the cake and I don’t think he took a bite at all.  He also did NOT want to sit by that cake, he wanted to stand over it and once we gave him the spoon (another trick of mine), he stood over that cake and just kept poking at it and digging into it … but never took a bite!   We also tried to do a milk bath after the cake, but Joey was done and didn’t want any part of it.  That’s okay sweet boy, it’s your birthday and you can cry if you want to!

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