One Year Old Baby Girl – Avery

August 5, 2020

Avery was a gorgeous newborn with all of her dark hair and just look at how beautiful she is now!   Those dark curls and big dark eyes are just the sweetest!  She was a little unsure when she first arrived at the studio – after being in quarantine and not seeing anyone but her immediate family for the last several months, it’s no wonder she’s a little stranger shy.  I’m sure there are moms all over the country that can identify with that scenario at the moment!  But she warmed up quickly and towards the end of the session, I was able to capture so much of her little personality.

I mentioned earlier this week when I posted the sneak peek, that for the first time in a very, very long time, I somehow didn’t put their appointment down on the calendar and wasn’t prepared for this session AT ALL.  I was so nervous about this happening when we first came out of quarantine because I hadn’t looked at a calendar in months.  But somehow, since May, I managed to keep my calendar in order.  Things tend to slow down for me late in the summer, so I just became lax and it slipped through the cracks.  Thankfully, I was fully dressed and lounging around with the kids watching Duck Dynasty (random show, but my son has recently discovered it).  I sent my daughter to answer the door and wanted to crawl into a hole when she said, “Mom, it’s a client.”   Oops.

Avery’s mama couldn’t have been more understanding and gracious – and truthfully, it probably helped the session a bit because Avery had some time to get used to her surroundings and to relax a bit while I prepared.  Anytime I see that a baby is a bit shy or unsure, I always give them time to get used to being around me and in the studio.  Sometimes its the big light they are afraid of, so I switch it on before we start shooting.  I’ll mom or dad sit with them on the backdrop and play with them.  Sometimes its just letting them walk or crawl around for a few minutes to explore the area.   Whatever it takes, that’s what we’ll do to make sure you and your baby are completely comfortable and happy for the session!