11 Day Newborn Boy – Jackson

July 30, 2020

Seeing this little family so full of joy makes my heart so happy.  Gina and Jeremy had an adventurous start to their marriage – having a wedding when the city of New Orleans is under curfew due to a hurricane was just one of the hurdles they had to overcome.  I’ll never forget the stress and anxiety of that wedding that all turned out to be for nothing because it was a beautiful day and one of the most fun receptions we’ve been to in the last few years!

Now they are a beautiful family of 4, with two perfect little ones and I couldn’t be happier to be working with them again – this time for Jackson’s first year.  Quinn has been so much fun to photograph – from her newborn session through her one year pumpkin patch cake smash.  Now I’ll get to see her grow as a big sister!  I’ll also have a chance for some more side-by-side sibling comparisons – I just love to do those!  I have a highlight of them on my Instagram page.

Jackson was so cute at his session.  He was 11 days old and just wanted to look around for a while!  As long as he was wrapped up and warm, Jackson was completely content to just lay there and stare at me.  I love when I’m able to get some great photos of newborns with their eyes open!  All it takes is a bit of patience with newborns because they all eventually fall asleep at some point.  Even if it is just for a short time!