Harry Potter Newborn Session – Jacob

September 18, 2020

When Jacob’s mom contacted me and one of her main requests was for Harry Potter newborn photos, I couldn’t wait for his session!  I’ve done a few HP sessions over the years but I like to make each one unique.  I also love to add a little bit of post-editing “magic.”  One of Katie’s other requests was for sibling photos with Jacob’s big sister, Violet, which was a bit of a challenge – something that isn’t unusual with a 2 year old!  The photo below is actually a composite of 2 different images.  The safety of the newborn is always top priority for me and sometimes big siblings don’t want to lay down next to the baby for various reasons.  I think that this age, laying down usually means bedtime, so they often fight against it.  You don’t want a newborn next to a fighting toddler!  So in this case, I took an image of the baby alone and an image of big sister Violet and put them together.  Maybe next time around, she’ll want to be next to her baby brother 🙂

Katie and Jacob have such a beautiful family – both children are adorable and I enjoyed my time with all of them!  Baby Jacob was perfect for his session and we even got some precious newborn smiles!