9 Month Old Baby Girl Session – Isla

September 28, 2020

Poor Isla wasn’t feeling her session the first day.  She kind of just sat there and looked at me like I was crazy and just didn’t really want to give me any smiles.  We even had mama and daddy switch out to see if daddy could get her to smile, but it seemed to make her even more upset and it was apparent that her session just wasn’t happening that day.  We tried and tried, for quite a while and sometimes you just need to know when to say let’s try again another day.  Everyone has bad days, even babies and it just wasn’t Isla’s day!  When she came back the next week, she was still a little hesitant but it didn’t take her long to become more comfortable with me and finally give me some of her sweet little smiles!  I’m so sad that I only have one Grow with Me session left for this sweet girl and her family.  I’ve been working with them for so long now and I’ll miss seeing them all the time!