Wild One First Birthday – Logan

March 17, 2021

Baby Logan is one!!   Just as we are celebrating the one year anniversary of COVID, Logan is celebrating his first birthday.   Last year, his mama Holly had me booked for a newborn session, which we had to cancel when our state went into lockdown.  I was able to meet them at their home when they came home from the hospital to take a few photos of his big sisters meeting him for the first time and a few of him in his nursery, but I’ll never forget the uncertainty of that day.  Back then, we didn’t know much about the virus.  I was worried that I would track it into their house or that my camera would have germs on it – it was a pretty scary time!  I can’t imagine how all the new mamas felt.  I was so scared and sad for the moms who were having babies a year ago.

Fast forward 6 months and I was finally able to see this sweet family again and photograph Logan for real!   He is such a precious baby boy and obviously the shining light of their family – everyone just adores him!  And now we’re celebrating his first year!

The theme of his party was “Wild One” with arrows and greenery.   As usual, simple is always my favorite, so that’s how I designed his cake smash set.  Logan wasn’t too into his cake, but the little sugar he did eat had him on a major sugar rush!   He was all over the place, crawling and standing and laughing – it was the cutest!

Happy 1st birthday Logan!