Nottoway Bridal Portraits – Karley

May 3, 2021

I am thrilled to finally be able to share these GORGEOUS bridal portraits of Karley!!   Nottoway has to be my number one all time favorite plantation to photograph.   It’s stunning.  PERIOD.  And it was perfect for Karley, who is also STUNNING!

Karley’s Nottoway Bridal session was done back in February, so I’ve been holding on to these for what seems like forever!   She and Luke were married over the weekend in Morgan City so now I can share!

First, let’s just talk about this white ballroom … The White Room at Nottoway.  Is there any better place to take photos?  I can do a whole session here and not have to use any other part of the property.  But that would just be silly because look at the rest of the property!  There’s the beautiful house itself, known as White Castle (for obvious reasons),  perfectly manicured gardens, huge old oak trees, wrap around porches that go on for days and a pond.  You really couldn’t ask for more in a photo location!

Nottoway bridal pictures