6 Year Old Gianna

October 26, 2021

I had so much fun with this session – it’s always a breath of fresh air to have an older child in the studio because it’s such a different experience!   Several years ago, I photographed Gianna’s older sister, Gabriella, when mom asked for some “glamor shot” type photos.   I remember how much fun we had back then during that session and Gabriella’s session was just as enjoyable.  She was a little shy at first and unsure, but after a short time, she started to get into it.   But once she was done, she let us know, that was it and the session was over LOL    This session was supposed to be for 5 year photos but because of Covid and then Ida, it just kept pushing back until we took these the day before Gianna turned 6!   We even got to take photos in the dress she chose to wear for her 6th birthday party 🙂   Happy birthday beautiful girl!