Rosedown Plantation Bridal Portraits – Jessica

March 21, 2022

Ya’ll … new location alert!!   I can’t believe that in 14 years of photography, I’ve never photographed anyone at Rosedown Plantation!   When Jessica suggested it, I was immediately excited because I’d never been to St. Francisville and new locations are always fun for me, especially at a plantation.   It was the most perfect day and the lighting was just amazing!   On top of that, when I asked Jessica how much it was to shoot there, so I could let future clients know … it’s only $7 per person to photograph in the gardens.   What?!   That’s kind of unheard of for a plantation!  There is a beautiful corridor of trees leading up to the house, white columned porches, fountains, a gazebo and tons of gardens.

Jessica, Sabrina and I had so much fun on this afternoon, exploring the historic gardens here.   And funny story … apparently, when a production company wants to shoot at a location where there is currently nothing in bloom, they just attach fake flowers to everything!   I noticed some beautiful flowers that I’d never seen before on one of the bushes and on closer inspection, realized they were fake flowers wired onto the bushes!   A production company was going to start shooting the day after our session so I’m only assuming that it was done by them to enhance the gardens for their movie!

And can we just discuss Jess’s dress for a second??   It was stunning on her!   I LOVE when a bride has a dress that I haven’t seen before, and bonus that it had sleeves!  (Which came in handy because her spring wedding turned out to be pretty chilly!)

Jessica and Jeff were married over the weekend at the gorgeous LSU Botanic Gardens in Baton Rouge.   It was such a beautiful ceremony and reception – I can’t wait to share them with you!