Outdoor One Year Session – Wilder

November 7, 2022

This was such a bittersweet session for me.  I have been photographing this family and their kids since Hudson, the oldest, was a newborn.  That’s 4 sweet newborns and 4 adorable kids that I got to watch grow up, not only in THEIR first years, but then the later years as they became big siblings.  To watch Hudson go from an energetic 5-year-old to a mature, contemplative 9-year-old who is an amazing big brother, so sweet and patient, has been such a privilege.  Georgia, who was always strong-willed and not interested in sitting still for pictures is now a beautiful big sister who is very curious and was a perfect little model.  Isla, the calm Christmas baby who then became a Covid baby, always gave me small tentative smiles and is now a rambunctious toddler who is full of sunshine.  And baby boy, Wilder, the caboose who completed their family, just sits back and watches his siblings with huge smiles and lots of personality.

Kayla and Bud – it has truly been an honor working with you and your family over the years.  I will definitely be keeping up with your adventures through Facebook and TikTok and look forward to future family sessions!