Newborn Mini Session – Julia

November 14, 2022

Years ago, when the kids were toddlers and I kept a family blog, there was a popular post in the blog world called, “Not Me Mondays.”   I thought I’d bring that back today just to have a little fun.

  • It wasn’t me who showed up 40 minutes early to a groom’s house this weekend because I got the time wrong (hey, it’s better than showing up late) –  nope, not me!
  • It wasn’t me who stood around awkwardly after a bridal session, my mind completely blank, instead of just saying bye, see you soon, and walking to the car – not, not me!
  • It wasn’t me who shot, edited, and sent out 20 mini-sessions (plus bridals and a wedding) in the last week – oh wait, yes, that was me!   Look at me being on top of things instead of procrastinating!

Yes, I am a huge procrastinator … sometimes I don’t feel capable of doing things ahead of time.   For example, I’m leaving for a bridal session in an hour and then going to stay with my nieces and nephew for a few days while my sister is out of town and I still need to shower AND pack.   That’s the kind of procrastination I do – thankfully, that doesn’t spill over into my work.  When it comes to editing, I have to tackle it as soon as possible or it hangs over my head until it’s done!

Blogging is another story …. these adorable photos from Julia’s mini-session were taken well over a month ago and I’m just getting around to posting them on the blog.  I really am trying when it comes to posting and sharing photos!   Blogging is something I’ve always enjoyed doing – even if it may not be popular anymore – so I don’t intend to stop any time soon!

Just look at this sweet, tiny baby girl!   I always love the photos of dads holding the babies, especially when they are little peanuts because it really gives you an idea of how tiny they are – when they can fit in daddy’s hands.   I bet Julia has already grown so much in the last month!