Wedding Wednesday – It’s all in the Details

November 16, 2022

One of my favorite parts to photograph during a wedding day are the details.   Why is this part of the wedding day so important?   To me, it sets the stage for the entire day.   Styling and photographing details helps me to warm up my creative side and sets the tone for the style of the day.  It gives me some time to focus my mind on the tasks ahead of me so that I can creatively tackle any situation at hand.   The resulting photographs are important in telling the story of your day, especially in an album.  You may not be printing these photos, but trust me, you’ll always be happy to have photos of the tiniest details of one of the biggest days of your life!

When it comes to details, I love having plenty of time to photograph them.   This is why I always show up early to the bridal prep.  I want to have ample time to photograph everything from the shoes and dress to your something borrowed and grandma’s rosary.   Below, I have listed the most common details that I photograph on a wedding day.  It is extremely helpful to have all of the details gathered ahead of time along with someone in charge of them that isn’t you, the bride!

  • Dress
  • Veil / Headpieces
  • Rings (all 3 of them!)
  • Shoes
  • Bouquet
  • Jewelry
  • Perfume
  • Invitation Suite
  • Borrowed & Blue

Invitation Suite

This is probably the most often forgotten detail on the wedding day and it’s one that I feel is often the most important – especially if it matches your wedding day colors and theme!  Your wedding day invitation can be used to showcase all of your other details, making everything look very polished and cohesive.

Victoria and Evan’s invitation suite by Grey House Paper  had a custom sketch of their venue and a custom monogram. The invitation and blue envelope were the backdrop used for all of the other small details!

The Dress

Personally, I find the dress the hardest detail to photograph.  It isn’t easy to not only find a location to hang and showcase your dress, but that also has beautiful, even lighting.  Often, brides would also like photos of their dress with the bridesmaids’ dresses too, which can make finding a place to hang the dress even more difficult!

The Veil / Headpiece

The veil can be used in a few different ways while photographing details.   Often, I’ll just hang it with the dress, which creates a softening effect to the whole photo, especially in the dress is in a less-than-ideal place.  I also use the veil as a base for details or as a way to dress up invitation suites or other details.  A headpiece or hairclip will be added in with other details and photographed close-up, similar to jewelry and rings.


Rings – All Three!

My favorite way to photograph wedding rings is on the invitation or with flowers found in the bouquets.  I also have several colored silk ribbons that I add to the ring shots and invitation shots to soften the photos or bring in subtle color.  I will photograph the 3 rings together as well as your engagement ring separately.  If you aren’t able to have all 3 rings during the bridal prep, I will ask for them later, during the reception!


Shoes, depending on the style, can also be used as a backdrop for smaller details.  Rings can be placed on shoes or in front of them.  If your shoes are colorful, they can be used to bring color into photos of smaller details.

Bouquet / Florals

Your bouquet will be used in various ways while photographing details.   I have used them as a backdrop, as foreground to create dimension, as a base for jewelry shots or just to bring in some color and texture.  It would be helpful to have a few single florals as well, if your florist has any extra pieces of greenery or flowers.   These can be used as some added detail to invitation suite or jewelry photos.

Jewelry, Perfume and Other Small Details

I prefer to photograph you putting on your jewelry after you are in your wedding dress, so if possible, have your earrings, necklace, bracelet, etc. with all of your other details.  These will be photographed similarly to the rings.  On or around the invitation suite, bouquet, or even a bridesmaid dress for color!  Other details would be your perfume, something borrowed and blue, a rosary or small purse, or anything special and meaningful that will be part of your day.  I have often had brides with something sentimental sewn into their gowns and sometimes, this is a forgotten detail.   Make sure to let me know if you have something like this so that will be sure to capture it!


Groom Details

Yes, we do this too.  Although the majority of the time we arrive at a groom’s prep, he is fully dressed, we do prefer to have the details ready when we get there so we can photograph them!  This is just as much a part of the story as the bride’s details and we love to include them, if possible!  A groom’s details will include shoes, socks, cologne, belt, cufflinks, tie, watch, boutiniere – anything he will be wearing that day!

Final Tips

  • Gather your details beforehand and have someone in charge of them.  The last wedding I photographed, the maid of honor handed me a pre-packed box full of everything I would need for detail photos – it was great!
  • Definitely not necessary, but you can include extra elements if you want.  Pieces of fabric, burlap or ribbon, special ring boxes, extra florals – anything that matches your wedding and ties into the theme of the day!
  • Remember the invitation suite and ALL THREE RINGS!
  • Have your bouquet delivered to your prep location
  • Relax!  This shouldn’t stress you out.   If remembering all of these extra details is only adding frustration to your day, just don’t worry about it.  I’ll do what I can with what I can find once I arrive at your location!