Mini 9 Month Milestone – Daniel

February 28, 2023

In the days leading up to Daniel’s 9-month milestone session, his mama wished me luck on the session and mentioned that he’s a “feral child” that never stops moving.   This made me giggle a little bit and I just couldn’t wait to see this wild and crazy boy!   Daniel is definitely an active little boy, but he’s so sweet and actually did really well for his session!  Tip for this age?   CONTAIN THEM!   If they love to crawl away and don’t want to sit still, stick them in a box or basket.   This almost always works … until they try to climb out.   In that case, I always have mom or dad sitting right next to them, ready to keep them from faceplanting.   As you can see, this is exactly what we did for Daniel and it worked like a charm.   We got some precious images of him – I can’t wait to see this wild child for his 1-year session soon!