Wedding at Cypress Columns – Josie and Noah

May 17, 2023

Noah and Josie were married this past weekend at Cypress Columns, and I had the honor of capturing their special day. From the moment I met them at PJs coffee, I was struck by their sweet, approachable personalities and their excitement to marry each other. They truly are best friends. During our initial meeting, they made it clear that their faith was the most important part of their day and they wanted to incorporate it into their ceremony. As a photographer who has captured countless weddings over the past 15 years, I have to say that their ceremony was one of the most faith-filled and Christ-centered I’ve ever had the privilege of photographing.

The day began with Josie and Noah getting ready at their respective homes, which were separated by a picturesque pond. Using a drone, they exchanged notes back and forth all morning, which was such a fun and unique detail. Josie was a calm and laid-back bride, radiating joy and relaxation as she prepared for the big day. After taking a few photos at a family friend’s house, we all headed to Cypress Columns for more photos and, of course, the wedding ceremony.

One of the most special moments of the day was when Josie shared a first look not only with her father but also with her father-in-law. These precious moments captured the deep love and support both families have for Josie and Noah and demonstrated the bond that they’ve created.

As Josie made her way down the aisle, Noah’s back was turned, but once he turned around, he became emotional. You could see the immense love he had for Josie in his eyes. They took a moment to soak it all in, and it was clear that they were truly present with each other and with God. After the pastor shared some sweet anecdotes that the couple had for each other, they exchanged heartfelt vows and shared a beautiful moment of worship with their family and friends. I have to admit, the moment was so powerful that I quickly documented it and allowed myself to get swept up in the atmosphere with them. They then shared communion with their families, and Noah’s family pastor prayed over them. Once Pastor Ross announced them husband and wife, both Josie and Noah had the biggest grins on their faces as they danced down the aisle together.

After some emotional dances with each other, as well as with Josie’s dad and Noah’s mom, we headed outside to take some family photos. It was a beautiful and sunny day up to that point, but even as the sun shone brightly, it began to drizzle. We quickly finished as many photos as we could before finding shelter. Later on, Josie quipped, “A promise from God to Noah!” as we joked about the rain, which we all had a little laugh over.

Thankfully, the rain only lasted a few minutes, and we were able to take Josie and Noah outside for a few minutes to capture some beautiful and intimate portraits of the couple. You could see from the photos that they truly enjoy each other’s company and love to laugh together.

As the night came to a close, Josie and Noah shared a final dance, and Josie presented Noah with matching pajamas for their ride home. They exited through a shower of bubbles, symbolizing the joy and blessings that their marriage will bring, before leaving for their honeymoon in Alaska. Overall, it was a faith-filled and beautiful wedding, and I am honored to have been a part of it.

Ceremony and Reception:  Cypress Columns
Hair and Make-Up:  Robin Clausen
Bridesmaids Dresses:  The Infiniti Dress
Groom’s Attire:  Hockerty
Cake:  Chez Cake Bakery
DJ:  DJ Tiny
Videographer:  C Whitten Photography
Audio Guestbook:  Ring a Ding Audio Guestbook
Second Photographer:  Amanda Broussard