One Year Old Ruthie – Groovy “One” Cake Smash Session

June 22, 2023

How’s everyone’s summer going so far?   We are just over a month into summer and it’s also been a bit over a month since I’ve blogged and now I’m back to catch you up on all the adorable smiles, precious newborns and beautiful engagement sessions that I’ve done in that time!

We will start with this bright ray of sunshine, the adorable Ms. Ruthie!   She was so captivating as she smiled and giggled her way through her session and gave me so many precious expressions.   Anything Ms. Rachel made her smile and she would occasionally blurt out her favorite word of the moment, “bruh,” which is hysterical to hear.   She absolutely loved her cake and was hilarious when she would bend over to lick and take bites to avoid putting her hands in it.

Happy first birthday Ruthie, it was such a joy to watch you grow this year!