Personal Post – Hayden and Emelyn

October 21, 2022

This is 17 and 14 – we’re in the thick of the teenage years over here and it has been rewarding and challenging all at once.   Sometimes, it can feel like whiplash.   One minute, everything is going well, and everyone is happy and the next minute, you get a call from the school or you hear something troubling about one of their friends and it sends you in a tailspin.  But that’s life, right?

We’ve done family photos a few times over the last couple of years but it’s been years since I’ve taken them out to do “milestone” photos of them.   Yesterday, I told them to get dressed, didn’t dictate what I wanted them to wear and we walked on the land for a few minutes.  This is the area I plan to use for fall family mini-sessions this year, so I needed to do some scouting.

Hayden is 17 now, less than a year away from being an adult, and can’t wait to be out on his own.   He’s independent, outgoing, funny, and has his own sense of style.  He enjoys skateboarding and lately, has been trying to teach himself both acoustic and electric guitars.  He loves music of all kinds and on any given day you’ll hear him listening to everything from Nirvana to Juice World, Sublime to Led Zepplin.  He is a hard worker, once he puts his mind to something, but gets distracted easily.  He loves food and will try pretty much anything you put in front of him.  He is my firstborn and the most like me.  He’s sensitive but doesn’t show it, stubborn, but quick to let go of his anger.

Emelyn – my baby, who will be 14 on Sunday.   Around most people, she’s very quiet, but she has a quick, witty sense of humor and makes us laugh often with her goofy dance moves.  She is also very independent and has been that way since she was a toddler.  She’s creative, beautiful, and smart as well as very sensitive.  She’s had the same best friend since pre-school and is extremely loyal to the people she loves.  She loves doing any kind of crafts, especially if she can make money from them.  She’s done everything from jewelry making to crocheting, watercolor painting to sewing.  She’s a huge Taylor Swift fan and is looking forward to seeing her in concert sometime in the next year.  She hates to be told what to do (just like me) and will refuse to do something unless it’s on her own accord.

These two together will always have my heart.   I love their relationship – they rarely fight.  I truly can’t remember the last time they even spoke cross words to each other.  They sometimes have late-night chats after we’ve gone to bed and they are loyal to each other.  I’m willing to bet they tell each other things that they’ll never tell us.  I would never try to use this knowledge because I’ve always prayed that they would be there for each other and continue to have a close relationship long after they no longer live under the same roof.   I hope they always have each other’s back like they do now and I hope they always enjoy each other’s company.

And then there’s Rocky – the pup who stole my heart in the most unlikely way.  I’m not a dog person – well, I wasn’t a dog person – and now I am.   He’s made me like most animals more than I ever did before.  Rocky is our rat terrier/pointer mix rescue who came into our lives when Hayden needed him most.  (He is technically Hayden’s dog)  We’ve had him since April and he will be a year old on December 24.  He’s energetic, smart, and a huge pain in the butt.  He hates to be alone and is JUST NOW getting used to being in the backyard alone.  We have another dog, Harley, but he was never playful and always a big grump.   So it’s been a lot of fun to have a dog that will play fetch, run around with us, and learn fun tricks.   We’ve taught him how to “fist bump” and high five as well as how to shake.

So that’s my kiddos – their birthdays are only 10 days apart, both of them October babies.  If you’ve made it this far, I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about me and my family!