6 Month Milestone Session – Harper

November 3, 2022

I absolutely love decorating for Christmas, really all of the fall/winter holidays.  I feel like it just makes the house feel so cozy.   So even though I love doing it, I will NOT be putting up my tree until after Thanksgiving!   It’s usually more into the first week of December, especially since now that the kids are older and my husband is always so busy, I’m the one that gets the tree, brings it into the house, puts on the lights, and does most of the decorating.  I think my daughter helped me last year and will probably help again this year.   She loves decorating for the holidays as much as I do, but Halloween is her favorite and Christmas is mine.

So tell me, are you a November 1st tree person or do you wait a little longer?   What about artificial vs. real Christmas trees, where do you stand on that debate?   Do you also decorate with lights outside or is it mainly indoor decorations?   Tell me all about it!

Insert clever transition here … yeah, I couldn’t think of a segway into Harper’s session other than she will brighten your day like Christmas decor!  She was adorable and so expressive for her 6-month session.   I can’t believe it’s already been 6 months since her newborn session and Fresh 48!  I just knew she’d have the best little wardrobe, too.   Most, if not all, of her outfits, are from The Preppy Pelican, a children’s boutique in Morgan City that has the cutest clothes, including outfits for all of your baby’s Christmas activities!    I highly suggest taking the drive over there, if you don’t live near it!